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If you have ever felt as though you want to learn more about God, and dig deeper in your faith, but finding resources is a little overwhelming, then this document is for you.


We have put together a list of where you can locate learning & information from well- known sources - we hope you find it helpful.


Dr Derek Prince - www.dpm.co.nz

Derek’s gift of explaining and teaching the Bible in a clear and simple way has helped build a foundation of faith in millions of lives.

Experience Life-changing Bible Teaching - go to website, “Resources” then “Youtube Videos”

The in-depth study on Romans called ‘The Roman Pilgrimage’ is available here.

Laying the Foundation Series (for newer Christians) – go to website, go to “Resources” then “Laying the Foundation Video Series”. Filmed in Auckland – old video but good content.

Topics Covered include: Founded on the Rock, Authority and Power of God’s Word, Through Repentance to Faith, Faith and Works, Immersion in Water, Immersion in the Spirit, Transmitting God’s Power, At the End of Time, Resurrection of the Body, Final Judgement.


Dr Timothy Keller - YouTube

If you are looking for someone to take the word and apply it to your life and our modern-day culture, then Tim is that guy.

Dr Keller is a retired Presbyterian Pastor and Theologian and is world renowned for his ability to apply the truths of the Gospel in a way that brings about deep change.

On Youtube type in “Gospel for Life” then click on “Videos” or “Playlists”


Inspirational Media - www.inspirational.org.nz

Christian sermon library of about 300 Bible teachers and is the New Zealand agent for David Pawson. (Note: there is sometimes a small cost.)

David Pawson - www.inspirational.org.nz

Unlocking the Bible Series’

If you are looking for an overview of each book of the bible including its key themes, characters and teaching and not a ‘verse by verse’ study then Unlocking the Bible Series may be what you’re looking for. It is older video recording, but the content is good.

On Youtube type in “Unlocking the New Testament” (Matthew to Revelation Book by Book) or “Unlocking the Old Testament” (Genesis to Malachi Book by Book)


Dr Ravi Zacharias - www.rzim.org and search on YouTube.

Dr Ravi Zacharias was a Teacher and Apologist (a person who offers an argument in defence of the faith!)

He spent 48 years of his life addressing life’s great questions of origin, meaning, morality, and destiny with eloquence and grace.


Got Questions - www.gotquestions.org

Do you have a question about God, Jesus, the Bible, or theology? Do you need help understanding a Bible verse or passage?
The Got Questions website can help answer almost any question you have.


Experience God’s word through messages that inspire, encourage and strengthen your faith.

Ps John Cameron from Arise Church, NZ

Type in “Arise Church” on Youtube.


Ps Craig Groeschell from Life Church, USA.

Type in “Life Church” on Youtube


Ps Steven Furtick from Elevation Church, USA.

Type in “Elevation Church” on Youtube

Podcasts also available on Spotify


TELEVISION www.shinetv.co.nz

Shine TV is Your Kiwi Christian Channel - a New Zealand based Christian lifestyle tv channel, bringing together the best of movies for the kids and family, documentaries, teaching and music.



The Alpha Course is an evangelistic course which introduces the basics of the Christian faith through a series of video talks and discussions.


For the Adult Series: Type in “Alpha Film Series” on Youtube with the session number

For the Youth Series: Type in “Alpha Youth Series” on Youtube with the session number

Sessions on the Alpha Course:

SESSION 1: Is There More to Life Than This?
SESSION 2: Who is Jesus?
SESSION 3: Why Did Jesus Die?
SESSION 4: How Can I Have Faith?
SESSION 5: Why and How Should I Pray?
SESSION 6: Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
SESSION 7: How Does God Guide Us?
SESSION 8: Who is the Holy Spirit?
SESSION 9: What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
SESSION 10: How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?
SESSION 11: How Can I Resist Evil?
SESSION 12: Why and How Should I Tell Others?
SESSION 13: Does God Heal Today?
SESSION 14: What About the Church?



The Parenting Place - www.theparentingplace.com

Focus on the Family NZ - www.family.org.nz

Growing Families International - www.gfi.org.au



My Life Rulz - www.myliferulz.com  

A Resource by David Riddell. Sessions to build emotional resilience in children.

Type “My Life Rulz” on Youtube to see all the sessions


Children’s Bible Ministries NZ (CBM) - www.cbm.org.nz  


Arise Kids TV Ministry by Arise Church, NZ.

Type in “Arise Kids” on Youtube to watch their song and teaching videos.



Mind Health Counselling & Courses - www.mindhealth.org

Mind Health is about strengthening lives, marriages, churches, and setting people free from habits, hurts, and hang ups.

Youth Counselling and Courses with Matt and Belinda Stott SOUL TOUR –


Soul Tour has been created for young adults aged 16-28 years. It is ideal for individuals and couples who are eager to understand themselves and others better, improve their people-helping skills, process past hurts and traumas, develop Christian character and discover who they are and what they want from life!  

Type in “Soul Tour Videos” into Youtube to watch:

  • Soul Talk Series: Beating Burnout, Fighting Fear, Good Greif & Defeating Depression (Suitable for Adults too!)
  • Click “Videos” to watch the Youth Soul Tour Course


Michael Wise – Personal Counselling and Life Coaching.

“Wise Counselling for people embracing change…” www.wisdomcounselling.co.nz

or call 027 340 8325


Steve Brown – Personal Counselling

Steve Brown’s aim is to help people into greater wholeness, find strength and reach their potential. He works well with adults, couples and children, especially around sensitive issues and is an ACC registered counsellor.


Steve email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0272 357 822 



The Kent Hovind Creation Series

Type in “The Creation Seminar (Kent Hovind)” on Youtube.

Session Topics:

  1. The Age of the Earth
  2. The Garden of Eden
  3. Dinosaurs and the Bible
  4. Lies in the Textbooks
  5. The Dangers of Evolution
  6. The Hovind Theory


Creation Ministries - www.creation.com

Creation Ministries’ motto is to proclaim the truth and authority of the Bible…by providing credible answers that affirm the reliability of the Word, in particular its Genesis history.

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